There’s nothing more annoying than the problems caused by unwanted programs and malware.  And, if you’ve ever been the victim of ransomware, you know what a nightmare that can be!  It pays to be prepared and be smart in your computer habits to prevent these problems from happening to begin with.  It also helps to know how to get yourself out of trouble when they occur.

For a one-time scan and removal of most types of malware, we use ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes.  These products catch things missed by most major antivirus programs. We also recommend occasional scans on Mac products.  Contrary to popular opinion, Macs are vulnerable to malware, and should be scanned occasionally to ensure they are not compromised.  Malwarebytes makes a good product for this purpose.

ADWCleaner malware cleanerMalwarebytes




For ongoing real-time protection, we generally recommend Norton or McAfee – which are provided for free to Comcast and AT&T subscribers.

Norton for Comcast

McAfee for AT&T

Norton for Comcast SubscribersAvast Free Antivirus





There is a free version of Avast that also does a good job at keeping a PC or Mac secure.

There’s no substitute for safe browsing and smart use of the computer though. Never click on unknown links in email or social media messages, and never visit unknown websites or install software from unknown sources.  Free software is a huge temptation and also a big source of some of the most dangerous malware online.